Frequently asked questions
How do I reset my password if I have lost or forgotten it?
How will I know when the restaurant received my Internet Order?
What payment options are available through Internet Ordering?
Can I save my credit card information for future online purchases?
Where can I change my account info?
Are delivery charges higher for customers who order from Pizza Hut online?
How can I tell how much I’m being charged for delivery service?
Why do I have to set my cookies to be enabled?
What does JavaScript enabled mean?
What is future or advance ordering?
Why is there a set minimum amount for most delivery orders?
How can I find a restaurant near me?
How can I find nutritional information on Pizza Hut products?
How can I give feedback to Pizza Hut about my restaurant experience?
Which restaurants offer delivery service?
How can I submit my resume for an open position?
How can I find a position in a specific state or category?
If I don't see any positions that match my qualifications or interests, should I still submit a resume?
After I submit my resume online, how do I receive a confirmation?